Thursday, November 27, 2008

Maple Bacon with Mini Corn Dogs

After a few trial runs, we put our equipment to the first true test with our friend James over at The Eaten Path, who, it's fair to say, had close to a religious experience with his idea to create bacon ice cream with mini corn dogs.

Mr. Boo has already written extensively on the experience - his original article can be found here. However, just as with Baby, nobody can put genius in a corner, and so it is no surprise that the article found its way onto Serious Eats. Given this already extensive exposure, there's nothing much else to say. Besides, the pictures speak for themselves.

While it's true that this regal concoction may have made Meg feel a little sick, it's equally plausible that her sickness came from the fear that this culinary feat could never be topped. We aim to show, through our subsequent posts, that these fears are entirely without merit.

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Tory said...

you guys are amazing, I want the Old Bay post!